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Aklatin Stencil by frederickvpa Aklatin Stencil :iconfrederickvpa:frederickvpa 0 0 Broad Aklatin by frederickvpa Broad Aklatin :iconfrederickvpa:frederickvpa 0 0 Maalong Tagalog 2 Linear by frederickvpa Maalong Tagalog 2 Linear :iconfrederickvpa:frederickvpa 1 0 Maalong Tagalog 1 Linear by frederickvpa Maalong Tagalog 1 Linear :iconfrederickvpa:frederickvpa 0 0 Maalong Tagalog 2 Brush Script by frederickvpa Maalong Tagalog 2 Brush Script :iconfrederickvpa:frederickvpa 2 0 Baybayin Mod SC by frederickvpa Baybayin Mod SC :iconfrederickvpa:frederickvpa 2 0 Alfa-Kinetix - animated GIF by frederickvpa Alfa-Kinetix - animated GIF :iconfrederickvpa:frederickvpa 2 0 Baybayin Mod Heavy by frederickvpa Baybayin Mod Heavy :iconfrederickvpa:frederickvpa 2 0 Baybayin Mod Normal by frederickvpa Baybayin Mod Normal :iconfrederickvpa:frederickvpa 1 0 Alfa-Larawan by frederickvpa Alfa-Larawan :iconfrederickvpa:frederickvpa 2 0 Formal Baybayin 2 - Normal by frederickvpa Formal Baybayin 2 - Normal :iconfrederickvpa:frederickvpa 2 0 Formal Baybayin 1 - Sharp by frederickvpa Formal Baybayin 1 - Sharp :iconfrederickvpa:frederickvpa 1 0 Baybayin Mod SV by frederickvpa Baybayin Mod SV :iconfrederickvpa:frederickvpa 1 2 Aklatin Segmented by frederickvpa Aklatin Segmented :iconfrederickvpa:frederickvpa 1 0 Unknown Baybayin Variant by frederickvpa Unknown Baybayin Variant :iconfrederickvpa:frederickvpa 1 0 Pambatanggenio by frederickvpa Pambatanggenio :iconfrederickvpa:frederickvpa 2 0


Mononoke by DanielaUhlig Mononoke :icondanielauhlig:DanielaUhlig 19,924 980 Fluorescence by Westling Fluorescence :iconwestling:Westling 283 11 Portrait Step By Step by DanielaUhlig Portrait Step By Step :icondanielauhlig:DanielaUhlig 3,935 141 Persephone by CarolineGariba Persephone :iconcarolinegariba:CarolineGariba 1,329 36 The Nest by DanieleValeriani The Nest :icondanielevaleriani:DanieleValeriani 880 53 ARMSmasters - Kickstarter by mikewinn ARMSmasters - Kickstarter :iconmikewinn:mikewinn 1,130 119 Baybayin Marikit Font by renpaga Baybayin Marikit Font :iconrenpaga:renpaga 1 2 Baybayin Pamagkulit Font by Nordenx Baybayin Pamagkulit Font :iconnordenx:Nordenx 13 12 JACK HAND TERRIER by romanolsanik JACK HAND TERRIER :iconromanolsanik:romanolsanik 3,183 904 Kanto Inc. ish 2 cover by tagailog Kanto Inc. ish 2 cover :icontagailog:tagailog 24 8 Precious Realm - Gypsy by elestrial Precious Realm - Gypsy :iconelestrial:elestrial 2,156 439 Titik Ninuno by dan3ru Titik Ninuno :icondan3ru:dan3ru 1 5 CANDYLAND by Shira-chan CANDYLAND :iconshira-chan:Shira-chan 2,546 281 Marine tutorial by neisbeis Marine tutorial :iconneisbeis:neisbeis 4,689 280 Looking up by IsabellaxParadise Looking up :iconisabellaxparadise:IsabellaxParadise 904 202



Frederick Victor Paredes A&ntild
I am a natural born Filipino.

Birthday: April 2, 1981
Birthplace: Quezon City
Spoken Languages: English & Tagalog
Civil Status: Single


- List of Pure Tagalog Words (1960's)…

- Rare Tagalog…

- Tagalog Translation of Computer Terminologies.…

- Philippine Units of…





- Filipino Names, Catalog

- Languages of the Philippines -a…

- Linguistic Map of the Philippines…

- Linguistic Map of the Philippines…

- National Anthem of the…

- Pambata Online

- Tagalog Pronunciation…



-*FRED'S ARTWORKS from 2010 to recent (COMING SOON)

- BAYBAYIN ENTHUSIAST.baybayin-enthusiasts.deviantar…

- Chart of Fred’s Modified Baybayin

- Fred's Baybayin Fonts…

- Fred's Baybayin Topics.fredsbaybayintopics.blogspot.c…


- Suku Art mentioned my

Current Residence: Novaliches, Caloocan City, Philippines
Operating System: Windows XP SP2
Personal Quote: "Never stop learning while you're still alive."
I'm Frederick Victor Paredes Añana ( or ), a Filipino Fine Arts graduate of Far Eastern University, Manila Philippines.

I've been designing my own Modified Baybayin Fonts since 2008.

All of my Modified Baybayin fonts are featured in my e-book (PDF) called "Fred's Modified Baybayin Styles". To read my e-book, click…

Baybayin is an ancient writing system used by the early Filipinos during the pre-Hispanic occupation. For more info.,…,… or…

Baybayin script has many variants or styles. For details, click… or…;

Nowadays, the Baybayin script is almost extinct.
Most modern Filipinos no longer use the Baybayin script & are now using the Roman/Latin Alphabet.

Fortunately, other variants of the Baybayin script are still being used by the Filipino ethnic minorities today. They are the Mangyans (Buhid & Hanuno'o) of Mindoro and Tagbanwa tribe of Palawan.
Fot details, click…

To learn the Buhid script, click…

To learn the Hanuno'o script, click…

To learn the Tagbanwa script, click…

Three of my Modified Baybayin fonts were featured in
They are the Maharlikang Tagalog, Alfa-Larawan and Alfa-Kinetix Baybayins.

For Maharlikang Tagalog, click…

For Alfa-Larawan, click…

For Alfa-Kinetix, click…

The whole point of modification is to improve our script by making it more complete. If the Spaniards were able to modify the Baybayin script, then so should we Filipinos since its our writing system.

The Chinese did the same thing with their characters.
According to, the Chinese characters have changed overtime from 1200 BC to the year 1949.
For details, click…

My goal is to modify only the extinct Baybayin variants and not those that are still surviving. The Mangyans (Buhid & Hanunuo)of Mindoro and the Tagbanwas of Palawan are still using their ancestral script. So let's not meddle with their writing system. I'm not sure if they''ll allow someone else to modify their script.

So which of my fonts is your favorite?

Try reading my Baybayin Blog by clicking fredsbaybayintopics.blogspot.c…


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jbcasacop Featured By Owner Sep 19, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
Nakakatuwa itong mga fonts mo. Salamat sa pagbabahagi ng mga ito. :)
vancleefus Featured By Owner Jul 27, 2011
SKULL! There you are! I've been looking all over for you! Hit me back! Are you on Facebook? You should be! People are looking for you!

frederickvpa Featured By Owner May 22, 2011
Another font designer named Maypakialam, published a guide book that will help you memorize the key combinations for typing ANY of My Modified Baybayin fonts.

To view the guide book, click here: [link]

Thanks to Maypakialam.
To view Maypakialam's profile, click here: [link]
SaLiMpUsA Featured By Owner Apr 28, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Salamat sa watch! :D
wyeseich Featured By Owner Feb 28, 2011
magaling, you might also be interested in abugida ([link]) or writing by syllables based on consonants, sounds like our abakada, right?
it is so because we have similar development script system with other cultures around the world

anyhow, sorry for the plug, i also made a font though far simpler than yours at [link]

frederickvpa Featured By Owner Mar 2, 2011
Your Lipi font ([link]) looks like Roman letters inspired by the shapes of Baybayin letters.

Another Filipino named Maypakialam designed his own Baybayin inspired Roman font. He called it Alfa-Pinoy font: [link]

To view Maypakialam's profile, click here: [link]

If you want to know more about the evolution of the Baybayin script, click here: [link]
JoshuaCabangcalan Featured By Owner Feb 22, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
IMBA ka ser! XD apir!
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