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Pamagkulit Linear by frederickvpa Pamagkulit Linear by frederickvpa
This is my modified version of the Kapampangan Baybayin script. It has no character for "HA".
It has no character for "WA" & "YA". The letters U & I are used instead.

Note: The ZIP file contains the following:

*True Type Font

*Pamagkulitlin -Transliteration Chart in PDF format

*Pamagkulit -User Guide in PDF format

*Evolution of the Kapampangan Script in PDF format

To view the complete transliteration chart, click [link]

To learn a better way to type my fonts (characters with vowel markers), click here: [link]

To type the symbol for "degree", just type Alt + 560.
plus24seven Featured By Owner Dec 20, 2010  Hobbyist Digital Artist
do you think we can type Kapampangan script without using Virama?
I mean typing like this:[link]
im using your font as an example.
frederickvpa Featured By Owner Dec 22, 2010
That is incorrect.

That is read as "KI-DA-LA-TA"

My Modified Pamagkulit (Kapampangan) font has character mappings for symbols with Virama.

The "Pamagkulit -User Guide" is a PDF file which teaches you about the computer character mappings (or key combination) that you should type to properly view my modified Pamagkulit font.

So before typing, you must first press the NUM LOCK key.

To type the Pamagkulit symbol for "D",
Type Alt + 315.

To type the Pamagkulit symbol for "T",
Type Alt + 365.

FYI: Another font designer named Maypakialam, published a guide book that will help you memorize the key combinations for typing ANY of My Modified Baybayin fonts.

To view the guide book, click here: [link]

In his guide book, the symbols may look different from Pamagkulit font but the character mappings are the same and can be applied to any of my Modified Baybayin fonts.
Thanks to Maypakialam. To view Maypakialam's profile, click here:[link]
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March 16, 2010
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